Best Selling Christian Leadership Books
by Hans Finzel

Let these top leadership books guide you to become a successful spiritual person and a leader that people will love to follow.

Christian leadership books

The Top Ten Ways To Be A Great Leader

The latest from Hans.  This is a sequel to the Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make.

After 30 years in the trenches of leadership, I decided to ask the question, "What are the most important skills every new leader should master?" I came up with an acrostic for the word LEADERSHIP. Each chapter of this book, 10 chapters in all, outlines an essential skill every leader must master. The "Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make" is about pitfalls to avoid. This book is about essential skills every leader needs to be successful. – Hans Finzel

The Power of Passion in Leadership: Lead From Your Heart, Not Just Your Head

Do you do what I love and love what you do? How many of us are stuck in day jobs that really don't suit us? Has our heart left the building? In this short new passion-packed book by Dr. Hans Finzel, you will learn what it means to work in your "passion zone." Hans explains from his own journey, how to find your passion zone and what action steps to take if you are far from that place of fulfillment.

People love following leaders whose hearts are fueled by passion. This book will help you uncover what passion in your work really is, and how to find it, no matter what stage you are at in your career. The advice in this book is especially powerful for anyone in a role of leadership that is experiencing boredom or burn out. Life is too short to settle for less than the best—especially if we are called to lead other people.

#1 Amazon best seller in Professional Growth and in Church Leadership

The Top Ten Leadership Commandments

This one of the best Christian leadership books for learning from the Bible.

Based on the life and legacy of Moses, Hans presents ten scriptural principles that can revolutionize your your ministry, your business and even your life.

The life of Moses provides a master study on what it means to be an effective leader. Consider his pedigree: Answered the call to do something beyond his means; stood his ground before kings; led millions of people on a journey across rivers and through deserts. Moses did this all with a dogged persistence that would not give up. You will discover a dynamic, effective tool for developing leadership skills, all built on the solid foundation of God’s word.

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

Although leadership is the hot topic on conference agendas and book tours, most people who find themselves in positions of leadership have little or no training for the role. They simply continue to make the same old mistakes.

Whether you are leading a company, a ministry, a Girl Scout troop, or your family, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead others effectively.

Change Is Like A Slinky

This is a practical guide to navigate change in today’s organizational climate. Change or perish: this is a current motto for leaders in all types of organizations.

Hans Finzel provides a proven strategy in Change is Like a Slinky, exploring the six major phases in the cycle of change. As he says, “Change is a lot like a Slinky… A slinky can be a lot of fun, but it is also completely unpredictable.”


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The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

"If you're like me, you've grown weary of the published cookie-cutter approaches on how to lead effectively. And so has Hans Finzel. He drills to the core of the current issues on effective leadership." - Charles R. Swindoll, Insight for Living host, author and president emeritus of Dallas Theological Seminary.

With over 300,000 copies sold of his acclaimed The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, Hans Finzel provides this Christian leadership book as a must for any leader’s library.  Revised and updated from the original publication, Hans explores new aspects of blind spots that can get great leaders into terrible trouble.

This leadership classic reveals the most common errors that leaders consistently make-regardless of training or age-and the way to stop these bad habits from undermining their positive talents and accomplishments.

The Top Ten Leadership Commandments

"Whenever my friend, Hans Finzel, writes or speaks about leadership he has my full attention. His insights are compelling because they are grounded in truth, tested by experience and on full display in and through Hans' life and ministry." - Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr. Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Sr Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, GA

Dr. Hans Finzel presents the next chapter in his Top Ten leadership series. Based on the life and legacy of Moses, Hans presents ten scriptural principles that can revolutionize your business, your ministry, even your life. This man was one of the Bible’s and history’s greatest leaders.  He endured against so many odds and prevailed as a true leader among leaders.

Unlocking The Scriptures

The genius of Finzel's work is, it shows you step-by-step how to apply the inductive method of Bible study to every book of the Bible. With this useful study tool, you can learn how to study a passage within its context, discover the theme of every Bible book, and accurately apply Bible truths to every day life!” - Jill Briscoe, Author, Bible teacher at large, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield Wisconsin.

Unlocking the Scriptures will show you how to search for and find the treasures that are waiting for you within the Bible. This powerful resource – combined with the optional free study aids provided on the Internet – will help you learn how to "rightly divide the word of truth," whether it's for you alone or in a group setting. Finally, the exciting adventure of studying God's word is within your grasp!

Change Is Like A Slinky

If you're wrestling with change in your group or organization – and who isn't? This is a must read book. Hans Finzel shows that like a slinky, change can be fun. His lively styleand down-to-earth insights teach you how to navigate change – not from the classroom but in the real world, working with real people.” - Ken Blanchard, Co-author of the One Minute Manager and The Leadership Pill.

This is a practical guide to navigate change in today's organizational climate. Change or perish: this is a current motto for leaders in all types of organizations. But how does one adapt to such fast and furious change and effectively lead the organization through change? Hans Finzel provides a proven strategy in Change is Like a Slinky, exploring the six major phases in the cycle of change. As he says, "Change is a lot like a Slinky... A slinky can be a lot of fun, but it is also completely unpredictable." Instead of grudgingly wading through inevitable change, readers will find themselves equipped and fired up to tackle it head on.

Launch Your Encore


A lot of boomers are asking the post career question, “What’s next?” Most of us don’t believe in the “R” word, traditional retirement. No longer retiring at 65 and dying soon there after, people are ending up with a whole lot of life left after their main careers are over. Launch Your Encore is the answer to the “what’s next,” question. We explore how to find adventure and purpose later in life with intentionality. There are dangers to avoid and adventures to explore. This book will help you find meaning and purpose in your sixties, seventies, and eighties (What we have coined as the 60-80 window). With the average U.S. life expectancy reaching eighty, we are entering an exciting new life stage. It just might be that our final act is our greatest!

Empowered Leaders

Is leadership really about the rewards, excitement, and exhilaration? Or the responsibilities, frustrations, and exhausting nights? Hans Finzel takes readers on a journey into the lives of the Bible's great leaders, such as Moses, Abraham, Jesus, unearthing powerful principles for effective leadership in any situation. This powerful guide to developing the skills needed to become a successful leader poses some penetrating questions that force us to take an honest look at ourselves and our intentions in being a leader.

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make (Chinese)

The Chinese edition of the best-selling book "The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make" is now available in Amazon.